Bourgogne opens up its vineyards with a warm, welcoming, fun presentations for both experienced connoisseurs and new tasters!

Wine route and walks in the vineyard:

A delight for the senses, meeting and sharing, take a journey of discovery - by car, bicycle, or even on foot - through the wealth of tourist sites and mouth-watering charm of the vineyards which lie along the Bourgogne wines route. 5 itineraries are yours to discover!

Visit the vines:

To extend your discovery of the “Terroirs”, some wine producers will accompany you to their vines, enabling you to learn more about wine, from the vine to the bottle!

Visit a heritage site:

Are you familiar with the “cabottes”, the wine-grower’s little dry-stone shelters? Open the door to Bourgogne wine heritage. 

Tourist site related to wine:

Museums, wine houses, various sites will welcome you so that you can discover the world of wine or improve your knowledge.